Jack Ryan season 2 a Amazon Original: review

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan or simply Jack Ryan is a American television series or Amazon originals . The season 1 of this which was released 23 August 2018 now season 2 was released on November 1 of this year which was awaited by many people. Personal even me .

Cast and Crew: Jack Ryan was based on it’s novel Ryanverse written by Tom Clancy . The series was created by Carlton cuse and Graham Roland and directed by Patricia Riggen . Starring John kriasinski as lead role Jack Ryan and Noomi Rapace as female lead Harriet Baumann and main villan role as Jordi Mollà as Nicolás Reyes and Tom wlaschiha also as a villan Max Schenkel and including some other cast such as wendell Pierce , Cristina Umaña etc.

Censorship:                                          The series was rated as 16+ in India by Amazon but the entire series can be seen by   all age group  except a little adult content because of which it got 16+ in my view. So skipping that scenes it can be watched even by family members together. Jack Ryan is a good action genre series.

About Story :                                     when we talk about the story. The story sounds with a great action. John kraisinski as Jack Ryan as analyst in the US government kicks around some action with villains. The story based on a under ground illegal activity going on Venezuela in which the president of the country also involved. After Jack Ryan and James greer off for their investigation in Venezuela and they face several obstacles in finding the truth . All the cast is great and its totally entertaining . The story gets intensified as we go on episode by episode.

Spoilers: They aren’t any much spoilers to say. But still it contain some if you didn’t watch the series better you don’t read this section. The first one is that the one of villians character Max Schenkel do have a gay sex in certain episode which felt some awkward. Another one is The President of Venezuela or Nickolas kills his best friend Ubbari with a knife before few minutes he caught up so it was a little pointless.

Conclusion: By my overall opinion of this series is that the one will not be disappointed or bored while watching the series. The season 2 kept the pace as first season was also a good one. But i can’t say the series is a masterpiece.

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